CPG invest
Venture investment boutique for
ICT-startups and fast-growing businesses
We work with startups that need to fundraise venture capital for active growth
We help entrepreneurs who don't have enough experience in fundraising external capital
We help companies to communicate with investors since 2016
Partner & co-founder
Max Kalyuzhnyi
Senior Analyst
Olga Naumova
Associate IIDF,
Yakov Kop
A team with diverse experience —
We know firsthand the internal kitchen of startups and
understand the key investors questions
We will make it simple and clear,
with the possibility of flexible adjustment and visual demonstration of key indicators (company valuation and investment requirement)
Financial models
We will present your project from the best perspective, stress out your core strengths and provide answers for the most common questions from the investor.
All in one presentation.
Investor Pitch Deck
We will help you to avoid common mistakes and present your best side of the business
We will analyse competitors and relevant projects, search for trends and undervalued niche markets. You will receive recommendations for product/market development
Market Research
We will help to formulate strategic goals and link them with practical operational steps
Strategic Advisory

Find out the cost right now!
We understand the business, its strengths and development strategies
Preliminary meeting-interview
Together we formulate the key asset that represents (or will represent) the main value for the investor

Key metrics and all sorts of numbers (operational costs, payroll, people hiring plan, marketing budgets)
Detailed request for information
Roadmap for software development or key strategic milestones

Analysis of the market, looking for alternatives and competitors
Research stage
Identify current and future business trends
Making draft model and presentations, approving the structure
Iteration modeling and presentation creation
Step-by-step corrections and additions based on founder's comments
Finalize the financial model and the necessary package of documents
Preparing the founders to pitch the project to investors
How we work
Analysis of investment activity and recent deals
СЕО & Founder, Pharmznanie
Elena Vatutina
"Max, in a sense, turned my mind about business, finance, money, and investment approaches. The things he can do with the financials are just magic. He taught me to speak the same language with our financial partners, purely and without an accent.
Shortly -- I recommend him. "
Сo-owner Adventum
Nikolay Shestakov
"Maxim helped to develop an investor presentation and a financial model for one of my projects. From the first days, Max showed not only a professional approach but also a willingness to go deep into details. It is extremely important quality, which rarely can be found. I sincerely recommend Maxim and his team!"
Feedback about us
Founder, Yasno,
Co-founder, Chop-Chop
Danila Antinovsky
"This is the case when I don't want to recommend the person because he is too cool and I just need him for myself. But I have to recommend it.
Maxim combines two key qualities: impressive expertise and strong dedication to his work.
And what else might be needed? Nothing ."
СЕО, Stafory (Robot Vera)
Vladimir Sveshnikov
"Forming relationships with investors is a very important step for a startup. Investors mostly think in numbers and data. That's why it is necessary to make presentations and a financial model correctly.
Working on these documents takes a lot of time, and Maxim is a person who can help to do it.
This is very convenient because it allows you to focus on the product and growth. "
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